Is david cook still dating kimberly caldwell

Idol’s finalist slate, and the songs they sang to rising-then-falling ratings, doubles as a vague map of how “pop” shifted its boundaries in the early 21st century.

In its early years, Idol stridently looked back, with only the occasional sop to present-day music and a laser focus on vocals above all.

Corey Clark (Season 2, Placed 9th)The first Idol scandal to result in a contestant leaving the show during the season centered on this California-born soul singer, who was booted not because of his coffeehouse-worthy version of “Drift Away” during that season’s Country Rock night, but because he’d been charged with battery and resisting arrest in Kansas.

(Years later, he fired back at the show on Primetime Live, saying that he’d been enmeshed in a sexual relationship with Paula Abdul — an interview that was parodied during the season-four finale, when Simon Cowell claimed to be involved in an affair with himself.) 163. Like Fox would have let that be someone’s swan song! Tim Urban (Season 9, Placed 7th)Season nine’s teen-idol hope entered the finals on a technicality and was embraced by Vote for the Worst from the jump.

Idol Worship American Idol alum Kimberly Caldwell, who mad headlines recently after AI's latest winner, hottie David Cook, asked her out on a date at the season finale, performs on the Main Stage at the L. A.-based First Star's programs to help abused and neglected children, on June 7 in Hollywood.

This week, American Idol began the actual business of finding its 15th winner.

He wound up being that year’s Last Man Standing, going out (ironically?

) on a wobbly performance of “(They Long to Be) Close to You.” 164.

In what would be her final competitive performance — a yarling version of “Back in the U. (Her 11th-place finish, alas, removed the former scenario from possibility.) 143. Alas, he was boxed in by themes in the later weeks, and while his rework of “My Cherie Amour” gave the chorus’s French a slight Latin spin, his fluttery voice was ill-served by “How Sweet It Is,” which led to him being bounced. Amy Adams (Season 3, Placed 10th)The best thing you can say about Amy Adams as a performer is that she isn’t nearly as bland as Jay Leno, whom Simon Cowell claimed held a familial resemblance to this pink-haired pop wannabe. Jorge Núñez (Season 8, Placed 12th–13th)Getting voted off after week one of the finals is always tough.But there was something off about his rise to the top, especially when that final showdown came to pass. Sanjaya, a Stevie Wonder devotee, debuted on the show with a sweet rendition of “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours,” but over the coming weeks he would run straight off the rails, debuting a hairstyle dubbed the “ponyhawk” (note the camera’s focus on it at the ten-second mark of that clip) and turning in increasingly manic performances.He capped his run off with a tweak of Bonnie Raitt’s “Something to Talk About,” replacing the chorus’s “How about love” with a sly “Other than hair.” 165.), this Miami singer was given the equivalent of the Idol kiss-of-death when she was told by Jennifer Lopez, “If you are nervous about certain notes, don’t go there.” She was given the boot the next night.(The more, uh, limited vocal ranges of this era’s pop stars have suited Rodriguez much better, it seems.) 148.

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